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Our goal is to put the maximum attention in the quality of services we provide to our customers in order to better meet their expectations. This is the foundation of our company to thrive and inspire confidence to an ever growing clienteles. Cinthya Bus Service focuses on four aspects:

And not just this...

The ability to put ourselves in the customer's shoes to solve any need or problem.

The competitiveness of our prices and the skill, knowledge, courtesy of the staff, which implies the trust of customers.

The ability to deliver what was promised in a continuous manner and a willingness to help the customer and providing with the service timeliness.


Dear customer, here are our best prices for you!
We have buses from 13 posts to 62, Do not have buses for transport people with disabilities.
Our vehicles are covered by insurance policies that provide for ceilings R.C. up to a maximum of € 25,000,000.00 to cover damage to persons transported.

Prices non include:

For routes of two or more days or cities not listed in the table that can be consulted by clicking the appropriate button "Pricing Table", you can directly contact us.

Pricing Table Pricing Table

Our Buses

We have buses from 13 seats to 62.
Our buses are equipped with every comfort for the passenger transportation (air conditioning, reclining seats, radio, TV, DVD, fridge etc ...). Do not have buses for transport people with disabilities.

By clicking on "All the buses" you can see the complete list of all our vehicles. Here there are only some of them.

Volvo 9700
Genesis 2
All the buses



Our operating headquarters, or our garage, is located in via Ciampino 195.
We are a few meters from the Ciampino airport and 1km from the GRA Appia exit (number 23).


Cinthya Bus Service S.a.s. di Raiola Santolo & C.

Headquarters: Via di Ciampino, 195 00178 Roma
Phone: 06/7910116
Fax: 06/7910028
Mobile: 335/6173222 & 339/7409461

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